sobota, 1 sierpnia 2015

Accordion Seminar at European Centre for Music in Luslawice

I took part at the Accordion Seminar which was held from 16th to 24th July 2015 at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice. This summer over 50 participants came to Lusławice (including renowned professors from abroad: Cao Xiao-Qing (Bejing), Geir Draugsvoll (Kopenhagen), Stefan Hussong (Wurzburg) and the Polish teaching staff: Klaudiusz Baran, Rafał Grząka and me.)

The Centre is am ideal place for seminars with a lot of practice rooms, concert halls with a very good acoustics and last but not least delicious food served three times a day.

Engaged students, evenings concerts, interesting lectures every day created a very special atmosphere of the seminar.

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